Jeremy K. Lightstar (jlightstar) wrote in almodovar,
Jeremy K. Lightstar

Long time Pedro fan

My name is James and I have been a big fan of Pedro Almodovar. In the 1980's my family was stationed at the Navy base and my father met Pedro during one of his films. My parents passed their love of Almodovar to my sister and I. I have watch a lot of Almodovar films while I was growing up including " High Heels" My favorite film has to be between Kika and Women on the verge. My favorite actress is Rossy de Palma. I recently got a chance to go see the Viva Pedro at the Music Box Theatre and enjoyed experiencing the rebirth of Almodovar's body of work on the screen once more. I do have a question, How do you pronounce his last name? I keep messing up. I know that I won't get a chance to see " Volver" because I live near Indianapolis.
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