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Pedro's Women

I am composing a research study on good old Pedro, and am looking into his representation of women in film (seems kinda popular in this community...sorry!!) I’ve chosen my three favourite films of his; ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’, ‘All About My Mother’ and ‘Volver’, as I feel these promote a wide range of female roles, and do not just encompass the stereotypical female dichotomy of ‘mother or whore’ as many Hollywood mainstream, or even many other Spanish films do.
As a big fan of Almodovar I have generated many of my own opinions concerning this topic, but what do you guys think? What are your favourite Pedro films? Have you noticed that Pedro embraces femininity and elevates the importance of women, or do you think it’s a negative that he places so much of an emphasis on their emotions, and portrays them as constantly struggling? And what about the transsexual characters – what do you think they stand for?
I’d love to hear any of your opinions as I think this is such a debatable theme in his films, and I’m sure you’ve got some extremely interesting things to say! thank youuuuu :)

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